The Neetside Community Centre (Bude-Stratton Community Project) is a CIO – Registration 1172752 – fully owned and managed by the Trustees of the Project for the benefit, well being, education and enrichment of the local community and its environs around North Cornwall.

Neetside has an open door policy and welcomes all irrespective of race, gender, religion or lifestyle choice and has a commitment to supporting and addressing the needs of people with disabilities.

North Cornwall is a rugged place which many describe as remote and isolated but it has tremendous natural beauty and a distinct character.  However, the downside is that local facilities are thinly spread and we lack easy-to-use infrastructure such as integrated transport links, a railway and a coherent bus service. Given the fact that the nearest district hospital is over 35 miles away, this can prove very difficult, especially for the frail and vulnerable which is where people like Age Concern enter the frame.

The Centre fulfils a big role in local life by facilitating vital counselling, advice forums and self help groups as well as voluntary groups and statutory agencies.

Does your group, charity or organisation need a home?
Please call us on 01288 353403 for more information.

Miranda Clarke – Manager
Cathy Bowley – Administrator                                                                                                                                                       Wendy Dobbing – Admin
David Mitchell – Caretaker

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